Does Kenya Really Need Naomi Campbell?

Kenya has still got many friends and one great one is supermodel Naomi Campbell – the queen of rage who recently defied travel advisories in her country to come for her regular visit to Kenya. She has some good plans for the idyllic Kenyan Coastal Town that is Malindi. A Multibillion Dollar Resort, A Drug Rehabilitation Center and Promotion of Arts and Crafts to uplift the local youth – among other things.

We need all the good words and endorsements we can get especially for the tourism industry but not from the likes of Naomi. The girl is a convicted criminal for Pete’s sake! She has an assault rap sheet rivaling that of Lucy Kibaki. Infact Lucy pales in comparison because she does not spit on people. And she does not threaten to throw them out of moving cars. Naomi’s chronic abusive and violent conduct is mostly directed, but not restricted to her employees. Obviously the anger management course she was sentenced to in 2007 did not work. Her latest weapon of choice – other than branding policemen at the Heathrow Airport bloody fools and assholes – is Saliva. Who still spits on people? Her weird behavior has been attributed to lingering resentment towards her father for abandoning her as a child. Come on Naomi, this at 38 years of age?

The crazed and almost psychotic Naomi faces up to six months in jail if she is convicted of assaulting a police officer. I say she needs the time in jail ASAP. That will the best Anger Management Class for her.

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