It’s Blog Day!

It’s blog day. Too bad I have to do this post in such a hurry. It’s almost evening of the material day (August 31st) and it may just pass me by.

I have so many favorites in Blogosphere the only criteria I could think of was picking the very first blogs I got to know when I started blogging.

Mt Kirima
I first heard of the Blog Day concept from self confessed gadget freak Kirima. He has recently been out and about Kenya and brought us some interesting pictures and facts about magical Kenya that you might not find in an average tourist promotion catalogue.

Siku Moja
This is the one site from which I’ve learnt so much. A Nairobian Perspective brings blogging tips, business and entertainment. He and I share common interests especially about Reality TV. Recently I was pleasantly surprised when he put yours truly among his A list blog sites in Kenya.

Spin Digest
Hlumiti is my team mate here on Wanjiku. He has recently done some very comprehensive articles on Kenya Ports Authority on his site.

Maisha Africa
Maisha is just that. Life. The blogger posts anything from spectacular pictures of Magical Kenya to her personal struggles with stretch marks. She recently hosted my humble opinion on the Naivasha vampire and I’m looking forward to hosting her humble opinion here soon.

Our Kid
We seem to have very similar interests and a common point of view. We both have a love for reality TV shows. This blogger was recently kind enough to lend me a post which I could never have managed myself.

Those are 5 already but surely I can’t leave out Kumekucha – the first place I ever blogged seriously.

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