Power Bills Up Again!!

Like most other Kenyans, I was shocked by last month’s power bill. It was Kshs.3,400/- up from 1,920/- the previous month. I did not imagine things would get any worse but this month I got another shocker bill of Kshs.4,200/- By some bad coincidence, at around the time I got my bill, we had blackouts for two days in a row. I was beginning to think the bad old days of Power Rationing are back but thankfully things are now back to normal.

Earlier on, Rafiki Kenya and Bankelele did articles on the spiraling bills, with Rafiki giving tips on how we can cut them by half. Check them out and see if you can find some helpful ones. I was thinking we pack up our bags and go back to the village but he reminded me that that would mean using firewood and charcoal for cooking – a sure way to finishing off our already disappearing forests.

There is word that these charges will come down although I don’t see that happening. At least not down to the amounts we once knew. But if Kenya Power insists on charging such figures, then at least let them perfect their services so consumers don’t feel like they’re being short changed.

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