Is Coca Cola That Lethal?

There’s enough bad press out there about products we use every day but for now I want to look at Coca Cola. For some time I’ve received several E-mails detailing the lethality of my favorite soda with allegations such as these to mention a few:-

  • It can dissolve a T-bone steak in 2 days
  • It can be used to remove stains from toilets
  • Phosphoric Acid in Coke leaches calcium from the bones
  • It can be used to remove grease from clothes
  • It can melt a tooth or a bone if left for some hours
  • And probably the most outrageous of them all – the distributors of coke use it to clean the engines of their trucks!

This leaves me wondering whether we’re downing something so lethal on a regular basis or is this just a smear campaign in retaliation to the many marketing sins that Coke is accused of? I’ve never done any of the experiments partly because I really don’t want to clean a toilet with soda and partly because I love me a coke and don’t want to confirm that any of the allegations are true.

I’m not on an advertising mission but I’ll put in a few good words for the soft drink giant. One there comes a time especially after walking around on a hot day that only a chilled coke will do. At least for me. Not water not Alvaro but Coke. Two there are certain forbidden foods (read Junk – why is junk so tasty?) that only go down well with a chilled Coke. Three judging by the popularity of the drink, more people would have sued the manufactures for reduced bone density or some other ills. True there are several law suits out there but considering how much coke is consumed, there could be more from the people suing cigarette manufacturers for damaged lungs and fast food restaurants for obesity. Me thinks Coke is harmless after all. At least as harmless as all the other chemicals we consume on a regular basis be it through yummy steroid fattened chicken or pesticide laden fruits and vegetables.

None of my scare mongers have said how much coke one has to take to get these horrid effects in the body. But all the same too much of anything can be harmful. Even the oxygen that keeps us alive can be harmful in large quantities.

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