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Ever wondered what bloggers do in their other lives?

Meet Our Kid. When he’s not doing his day job or spreading craziness on blogosphere, he’s running OUR KID FOUNDATION, a charitable trust formed with the intent of nurturing friendships among kids and bringing communities together through them and their parents.

According to the organization’s website, the Foundation was formed with the intent to use the world’s most popular sport, football, among young members of the community to develop solid friendships and enhance peace in their neighbourhoods irrespective of the various social, religious and ethnic backgrounds. The organization has a membership of over 150 kids who play organized soccer under a qualified coach.

I stumbled upon this information almost by accident when I needed Our Kid to run an errand for me in Nairobi and he informed me that at that time he was engaged in football training. To say I was pleasantly surprised to learn of the organization is an understatement.

Says Our Kid, ‘the idea was born when I had gone to Kibera with what one may consider a privileged kid whom I mentor and he saw some kids playing football. The boy asked me if he could join them and I allowed him to. After he was done playing, he suggested that we help out his new friends who didn’t even have football boots or proper balls’.

The rest as they say is history.

‘There was overwhelming interest by the kids and now we have 150 members who have completed registration and more have applied. We have a few volunteers who man the small office we opened. Having seen the kind of work that they have been able to do, it is quite impressive and I’m certain that this organization is going places’.

In summary,

  • The kids are mentored by speakers who visit the training grounds or join in tours to talk to them.
  • All kids maintain a journal and can write about anything though sometimes they get written assignments
  • They have taken part in football tournaments and visited parts of Nairobi that most underprivileged kids only hear of, despite the fact that they are from Nairobi.

Change in the kids is noticeable and this is what one parent had to say during an Open Day, ‘when your son says he wants to help out in the chores because he appreciates the things you do for him, that counts for something. Who would have imagined that joining a football club would make him do that’!

Our Kid is philosophical about it, ‘I may not change the world’, he says, ‘but if I can get to make over 150 of our kids happy knowing that they have an opportunity to do what they love – which is playing football, then that makes me happy’.

True he may not change the world, but some of the kids are changing and it shows.

Well well. The guy is not so crazy after all.

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