What Now, Too Fat To Fly?

Weight weight weight. Seems to crop up everywhere. From overweight people allegedly contributing to global warming to cops being required to cut weight to be able to do their jobs effectively.

But that’s not the post today.

Neither is it necessarily about the recent saga of Kevin Smith who was removed from a Southwest plane for being overweight. It’s about weight and airlines as a whole since he’s not the first person to have these issues.

From my point of view – blank stare.

From a business point of view – Airlines and other modes of public transport are in it for profits. As much as they’d like all their passengers to be comfortable, unless it makes business sense, like say if a good percentage of their clients were overweight, they will not be in a rush to incur the cost of building bigger seats and longer seat belts.

From the overweight passenger’s point of view – This is pure discrimination.

Being overweight does not mean they do not have a life. They do. They have meetings to attend and friends and family to meet and they have to get there somehow. They probably even have a Golds gym multi purpose bench stashed somewhere up in their garage,

Flights are a public means of transport and airlines and other passengers should be tolerant of everyone.

From a fellow passengers point of view – They’ve paid for their seats and they do not want the inconvenience of the next passenger overflowing into it.

Comments on the net about this issue are many and varied. Sample these two from CNN.com.

“this whole thing has gotten riduculous. Southwest and all the other airlines need to make bigger seats. Kevin Smith and the rest of America has become bigger and bigger, the airlines need to accommodate that”.

“I did the fly-up-on-Monday-fly-home-on-Friday thing for three years straight and nothing struck fear into the hearts of fellow fliers than seeing a ridiculously large person lumbering down the aisle as we were all boarding. Kudos to the airline for standing up for it’s passengers”.

And while we’re at the airlines, British Airways? Really?

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