Christmas Ramblings

I’m excited. It’s festive season again. I’m feeling cute. The office atmosphere is lax and everyone is in a good mood.  It’s not dress down Friday but dress down December. Work is going on but it’s generally tools down around here. Someone is playing Momo by Murimi Wa Ka-Half and laughing their heart out. He’s not even Kikuyu.

It’s hotter in Mombasa.

The sand at the beach is whiter, the water clearer. I want to go to a beach restaurant, twiddle my toes in sand and eat a salad with my fingers. I want to buy dresses. Long dresses, short dresses, white dresses, yellow dresses, red dresses, flowered dresses, flirty girly dresses, cleavage dresses… the whole shebang.

I could dye my my hair yellow and stick a flower in it but I won’t.

I’ll be upcountry for Christmas.

For the first time though, this year there may not be a Christmas tree at home. My brother and sisters will be away and I never did blow balloons or hang cute lights and silver bells. Maybe because I did not inherit the Christmas tree decorating genes. Maybe because I’m the last born and there was always someone else to do it. Maybe because cypress makes me sneeze. Maybe because I was born this way. Maybe its maybelline….. that just came from the many maybes.

I do not wish to ramble on. Its happy season. Merry Christmas.

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