Big Blue Bus

I love long distance day bus travels. It means stopping and having a moment, nay, having upwards of 8 hours of uninterrupted me time to read, sleep and snore, wake up, moot ideas, ruminate over then, sleep, wake up, read some more and ruminate some more.

It means taking time to come back to basics, appreciate nature and country, spot a few trees and shrubs and try to remember their names from Science and Agriculture class. I might even pleasantly catch myself staring in awe at the clouds and noticing that alas! there have been cute, fluffy, and sometimes mysterious formations in the sky all these years!

Seriously though, I get to get completely spaced out, or give enough brain time to issues past and present and I like that. Ether way it helps clear my mind even more than is the case at the beach which I tend to take completely for granted. The only other place I’m able to space out like that is upcountry in the village.

Snob Big Blue Bus.

I guard my me time jealously and this is the one time I allow myself to be a snob. In most cases, and without having to utter a word past greetings, my neighbor knows that we shall not be discussing the Middle East, the rise and fall of the Kenyan shilling, or calculating how much the bus company makes per trip. When they that met their best friends and future husbands in the bus are counted, my hand will most likely be down. But that does not mean I cannot help a child struggling with a seat belt! Or anyone else for that matter.

So many hours with a clear mind and nowhere to go cements my patience. I could very well listen to Celine Dione’s heart go ooooooon and oooooooooon. I might even sing along who knows.

I’ll not be the one struggling to scribble or balance a laptop to type in a moving bus but a few of my blog posts have taken shape and been given enough brain time during some of these travels. Funny therefore, unfortunate even, that it has taken so long to do this article.

Too long a bus ride though and I could start swatting at imaginary flies.

The answer will come in the morning. Or after a long bus ride.

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