Hunter Douglas Ceiling Fans

The 21st century has begun as the century of the consumer. There is no way to escape, in market-driven economies, the constant stream of new products and technologies which, accurately or not, are represented as better than anything which has preceded them. Nothing, it seems, can be offered unless it is a new and superior version of something already available, and if it is not offered by the manufacturers of the existing product, it is certain to be offered by their competitors.

Marketing of this nature is a deliberate attempt to play on people’s desires to have state of the art products. But the constant influx of new consumer items can have a backlash. Consumer loyalty is at an all-time low, and simply adding some substanceless polish to an already established technology may lure them away from the inventors of the technology to its polishers.

For one product maker to stay in the forefront of its industry, given the competitive nature of business, is a remarkable feat and accomplished only with a long-established record of reliable customer service and dependable products.

With over one hundred and twenty years under its belt as one of the oldest ceiling fan makers in the US, Hunter Douglas has achieved that sort of standing, both in the echelon of ceiling fan manufacturers and in the esteem of its customers.

The original Hunter Douglas ceiling fans were powered by systems of belts running off steam turbines, but the company began its policy of innovation very early in its history, and the Hunter ‘Original’ line of cast iron Hunter Douglas ceiling fans has been in continuous production for over a century, longer than any other fan in history.

The “Original” Hunter Douglas ceiling fans are now sold as “Classic Originals” and are a line with several different models. Because of their long history the Original Hunter Douglas ceiling fans may be the most recognizable on Earth, and had a shaded pole motor until the 1980s. While production of the Original Hunter Douglas Ceiling Fans was move overseas from the US in 2003, their appearance as it has always been.

The Original has survived so long because its simple design and substantial construction, along with its exceptionally powerful motor, kept it ahead of competition from more stylish imported fans. Hunter Douglas ceiling fans are the standard bearers of the industry, embodying what consumers expect in terms of performance and reliability.

Hunter Douglas ceiling fans, quite simply, are the simply designed utilitarian fans with a popularity to which the rest of the ceiling fan industry can only aspire. They have withstood the test of time, and all the market pressures to sacrifice quality for cosmetics. For their loyal and growing customer base, that seems to be all that’s necessary!

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