Naivasha Vampire Godfrey Matheri

Kenya cannot claim to be any holier than the next country as far as crime is concerned. Car thefts, muggings, bank robberies and home break-ins are so much in the news we are almost getting used to them.

The removal and sale of human parts is not new either.

These bizarre incidences have been around since the early 90s. But there’s a new breed of sick minds on the loose.

Guys who rape, torture, kill and even drink blood just for the thrill of it. The kind we read about in True Detective magazines and Anne Rule novels. Or watch on Crime and Investigations Networks. Now we have our very own – the late Simon Matheri and the Naivasha vampire Godfrey Matheri among others.

For now let’s look at Matheri the vampire.

did_someone_say_bite_meIn his defense he says that he delivers the human blood to a local Bishop – Jeremiah Pallangyo of New Hope for all Nations. But the victims tell a different story. He drinks it. He taps it into a cup, then transfers it into a flask and sips it in intervals.

It would probably not be strange if indeed the bishop asked for blood. There are enough cults doing the rounds and Naivasha for some reason seems to have more than it’s fair share of them.

But before his implicating the Bishop is taken seriously, Matheri should have a thorough psychiatric examination in the hands of qualified doctors because chances are he’s mentally sick and could very easily be lying. That guy is not stable.

Raping and keeping the victims’ underpants as trophies cannot possibly be what the Bishop ordered. That must be for his own twisted pleasure. His kind is well described in many criminal profiling books.

Looking at the whole saga from the victims eyes, it’s difficult to fathom the absolute terror that they go through. One look at Matheri even on TV is enough to send shivers down the spines of viewers. Ho does look scary. Seeing him up close siphoning blood?

I would not wish such a thing even on my worst enemy. Like the young victim who says he drew blood and when one vein ran out he cut a different vein and drew more until he filled a cup! My heart goes out to the young woman and I hope she will be able to undergo intensive counseling to rid her mind of the trauma.

Now for the residents of Kihoto. They seem to know the guy and what has been going on quite well. He has been in and out of police custody several times. How come he survived to spread his terror for so long. And the police, I’m no detective but I thought crime scenes are usually sealed off for fine tooth combing. But here the police demolished the house. They probably buried some crucial clues that might have helped further in the investigations.

One shudders to even think of such a guy in our overcrowded prisons. We have all sorts of criminals in there but nobody wants to be sharing a room with a vampire. He could just get thirsty at night.

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