Back to the old school music- Top 10 jams from the 80’s

Oh wy owh why owh why – the earlier post and visiting Val’s blog has made me nostalgic.

Well, when it comes to past-times, the only competition to my love for Arsenal football club is old school music. Val’s thread on oldies brought back some memories…so I’m on the role….

Here’s some of my favourites….in no particular order

Let’s see how old school you are or if you can remember some of these master pieces
HEALTH WARNING: “Some of these songs were hits even before some readers started eating solid foods….LOL!”

1. Lover turn me on (I just got to have yu) by Kashif

This song is only done justice by listening in a night club with a proper sound system…guaranteed to get you off your seat and shaking what your momma gave you…. Kweli Kashif was one of a rare breed.

2. Let’s hear it for the boy by Deniece Williams

I got hooked on this song when the first wave of funky matatus hit the streets in the mid80’s….LOL! I was still in primary school but used to wait for this nissan mat no. 23 to Kangemi for my daily trip to and from school – I think it was called Iron Eagle – and M used to play this song for me every time I was in the mat coz’ he liked me.

3. Saturday night by T-Connection

Now this is strictly pure soul – none of that pretend stuff…..definitely designed for a disco.

4. Just an illusion by Imagination

Nothing more you can say about this track….pure class – I didn’t realise for a while that Imagination were a British group…..apart from Soul to Soul and Loose Ends (which might have as well been Soul to Soul coz’ Caron Wheeler was their lead singer), soul didn’t really jump out at you from Britain….

5. Takes a lil time by Total contrast

Most def one for the dance floor…..

6. I wanted your love by Luther Vandross

I remember this song very well in 83/84 when it hit the air waves – alongside Don’t look any further and thriller….LOL! I think them KBC (or is it VOK) DJs killed it by over playing it like they did Ray Parker Jnr’s Ghost busters….(And don’t ask me how old I was….I loved music from the time I could walk – he says)…. But even now – this track bounces in a club proper.

7. Just got paid by Johnny Kemp

Talk about the king of one hit wonders….kweli this guy got paid after this song and just left for good….LOL!

8. Hot shot (Gor biro like a rocket) by Jimmy Cliff

Aaahh! Gor biro like a rocket – Biro nyamo abandu) – Damn! This was a hit them days AFC Leopards and Gor Mahia were like Man U and Arsenal. Going to a football match at City Stadium or Nyayo Stadium was a big deal (I should right about this on another post….LOL), even if your parents never knew where you were….

9. Pink cadillac (Remix) by Natalie Cole

Whenever I hear Pink Cadillac, it reminds me of Carnivore in the days that proper DJ’s still used to use vinyl (non of this CD and MP3 stuff) – Don’t be Cruel by Bobby Brown was number 1 all over the shop, chicks were trying to dress like Salt n’ Pepa in clubs coz Push it was a big hit, and others dislocated their shoulders trying to pop them dancing like them 3 guys in the Mac Band video of Roses are red….LOL!

10. Trapped by Colonel Abrams

This guy was the bomb…LOL! But now that you think of it….its ridiculous for a grown man who claims to have a military officer’s title to be trapped like a fool in a cage and doesn’t have a clue about what to do….

Now doesn’t that just take you back….LOL! More when I’m feeling nostalgic again.

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