Remote Controlled Ceiling Fans

There are infrared hand held remote controls available to operate almost any home appliance. If you have a television, you know exactly how they work. The remote control technology has been adapted for brightening and dimming lights, or raising and lowering electronic window shades in home theaters, and remote controlled ceiling fans have now joined the list.

Imagine being able to relax in your recliner or lie in bed and adjust the speed of your ceiling fan, or even turn it on of off without having to move. Remote controlled ceiling fans offer cutting edge convenience when compared to pull chain or even wall switch controlled models. For rooms with cathedral ceilings, in fact, remote controlled ceiling fans are practically a must.

Remote controlled ceiling fans are equipped with sensors, usually built in to their switch housings or canopies, which respond to the infrared beams from the handheld control units. If you intend to install a remote controlled ceiling fan with lighting, both the fan and the lights will be triggered by the receiver in the fan’s canopy, so you’ll only need one hot lead when wiring the fan and lights.

If your home has existing pull chain ceiling fans, you can turn them into remote controlled ceiling fans simply by buying add on kits with sensors and hand units. While the installation wiring of add-on kits varies from brand to brand, most of the time they require the receiver to be connected to the home’s wiring and the fan connected to the receiver.

Modern Fan Accessories offers the electronic handheld remote add on kit which will allow independent control of both the fan and lighting off a single circuit with one hot and one neutral wire. This particular add on kit can control a fan with three speeds and lights with a complete dimming range. It retails for $53.99.

Even among factory installed remote controlled ceiling fan systems, however, there are degrees of sophistication. The most advanced of them may be Casablanca Ceiling Fans’ IntelliTouch remote controlled ceiling fans.

The IntelliTouch remote can be programmed with ceiling fan and fan lighting settings; it can also sense changes in the temperature of a room and regulate the fan’s speed accordingly. For those times when you home is empty overnight, your IntelliTouch remote controlled ceiling fans’ lighting can be set to turn on and off at different times to thwart possible intruders.

Remote controlled ceiling fans, whether those direct from the factory, or those which have been upgraded after purchase, offer their users tremendous convenience and maximum efficiency of operation. They are, without a doubt, the new ceiling fan standard!

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