Unique ceiling fans

The vast majority of homeowners take pride in their properties, wanting to make them as appealing as resources allow. Do it yourself home improvement, in fact, has become a multibillion dollar industry, as the success of home improvement stores like The Home Depot and Lowe’s can attest. No one ever wants to live in the least attractive home in the neighborhood.

So any home improvement products which can add to a home’s visual appeal are always in demand. Those which can also add to its energy efficiency and lower its energy costs are few and far between, and the most common of the rare is the home ceiling fan.

While basic unadorned ceiling fans can certainly help reduce energy costs, they do not add much to the decor of the rooms they are cooling. Décor conscious homeowners who are looking for ways to impress should consider installing one of the hundreds of unique and modern ceiling fans which will definitely open the eyes of their guests.

Unique ceiling fans can be so intricate in their detailing and lighting fixtures that they will automatically become the focus of any rooms in which they are installed. Some manufacturers, like Famination and Regency Ceiling Fans, are known for their collections of unique ceiling fans.

In the twenty plus years wince they began, Fanimation has built a reputation for their unique ceiling fans designed to accommodate numerous conditions. Fanimation was the first to introduce three styles of unique ceiling fans: The Islander, with the first palm leaf shaped blades; The Palisade, with vertically, rather than horizontally, rotation blades; and The Punkah, with its line of side to side fan blades extending for up to twenty-four feet, and moving in side to side synchronization.

The unique ceiling fans from Regency Ceiling Fans are available through their proprietary Décor Match Collection, which offers customers the chance to select all the components for their ceiling fans from among twenty three different model lines. The can choose whichever components will be best for their individual décor, resulting in a perfect complement to their interior.

If you’re looking for unique ceiling fans to use outside your home, you could do worse than to consider Hunter’s No Rust fan. These fans with sealed motors, housed in stamped aluminum and with corrosion resistant coating and weatherproof blades will give you years of outstanding exterior cooling comfort. And their motors have limited lifetime warranties.

Unique ceiling fans, in short, are unique for a variety of reasons. But the one thing they have in common is that each will add a distinctive styling or performance characteristic to your home, making it just a little more appealing than its neighbors!

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