How to Edit an Essay: Proofreading Tips


Once you are done with writing, then you need to take some time to review what you have written, to see if you have written the right thing, and followed the guidelines as given to you by the examiner. Here are a few tips on how to ensure that you hand in your essay in the correct format, and free of mistakes.

Use a grammar checker

This is the first thing you need to use, once you have cleared all the typing. Grammar checkers help in identifying places where you used the wrong tense or misspelled a word. They also help in suggesting more alternatives as per the words and sentence structures you have used; hence, you might need to make use of the same to clear off any unnoticeable mistakes.

Other people use paid grammar checkers to enrich their essays, as most of these grammar checkers have a higher capacity to interpret and rectify your essay. There are other online grammar checkers, which makes it even possible to check plagiarism in your essay, and will notify you anytime there is a case of a copied content in the essay.

Give the essay some time

Once you are done writing the essay, and checking for any grammar errors, it is always advisable you take a break from the essay, and give yourself some time to relax. This will give your mind refreshment, which will make it possible for the mind to notice errors that you could not see when you were typing. You can give yourself a break of not less than an hour, you can take this moment to involve your body with activities like sporting or have a chat with a friend, away from the books.

This is the only way your mind will be fresh again and be ready to handle any more tasks you have to undertake. If you want to submit high quality work to your assessors, then never do your work in a hurry, but ensure you take all the time you have to come up with the same.

Have someone else proofread for you

Once you are done proofreading your work, and cannot see any more mistakes in your work, it is always advisable for you to seek someone else’s help. You can use a fellow classmate undertaking a different course to proofread for you.

When you use another mind to proofread your work, the other person will be able to see and notice a few errors, if they are there, that you would never have noticed, and rectify the same for you. However, you have to be careful while using someone to proofread your work, thus you need to be present when he or she does it, so that you can discuss about the problem together.

Writing Essays

Comparison/Contrast: consider your topic when writing essays by evaluating it to one of the best of that category (use something everyone would know so that you never have to invest some time reporting it, you can just refer to it). You will not do any prolonged assessment, but just use the assessment as a lead-off into your own view.

Expectations Unfulfilled: This is especially easy to do for this structure form. Use the release to describe what you were looking forward to before seeing the topic. Then describe how the topic was either better or more intense than you estimated.

Frame: Use information of the topic as the appearance structure. That way you get right into the measures but then separate off half-way through, which keeps people in suspense. Give your consideration and then complete the appearance.

Define Genre and compare: In this structure, you would start out by reporting the regular objectives of whatever topic you have when writing essays, for example: stimulus package project, Movie script, effects of video games, the best club around and so on.

After reporting the “typical,” you will then tell how your topic either indicates the category or varies from the standard. Probably this kind of work is best used for a satire, or for some topic that purposely tries to separate out of the typical objectives of that category.

Analysis by criteria: In this kind of document, you create the subject; tell why you are examining it, what rival it, and how you accumulated your information. Then you obtain your key elements according to date obtain, spatial obtain or obtain of significance.

Chronological Order: You might use this when writing essays in all or part of your document. This implies what occurred in your obtain. This is particularly useful for efficiency or eating place evaluation.

Causal Analysis: This method, impact on the visitors. How does it cause the effect?

Analysis centered on the Social Context or the Story: These consider requires a photograph and considers how it is successful for a particular point in form. Usually, the photograph is about a debatable or an emotional level energized to traditional occurrence. Your research can describe how this image are proven or provided to the emotion/debate encompassing the occurrence. It may be that the photograph is interesting or deceptive.

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