How to Get Rid of Roaches Fast

Getting rid of roaches can be challenging if you don’t know where to start. These pests are not only persistent but generally very difficult to get rid of. In this article, we’ll cover some household roach killers, the precautions you need to take when using roach and ant killer, as well as how to get rid of roaches without dangerous poisons.

roach and ant killer precautionsCockroaches in your home are certainly an unwelcome sight. If you’ve had the misfortune to see one scurrying across your kitchen floor when you turn on the light, you know how bad it can be. The sight of just one cockroach is cause for concern because you can bet there are more hiding in the cupboards, in your basement, behind your appliances and anywhere else that is dark, wet and cozy.

Roaches are notoriously fast reproducers, so it is very important that you address the problem swiftly and aggressively. And if you’ve already investigated the cost of a professional exterminator and don’t like what you found out, don’t worry. There is plenty that you can do on your own to solve your ugly problem and get your home back into tip-top shape.

This article will examine some of your options. It will spell out some of the commercially available solutions, offer advice about both chemical and non-chemical cockroach killer, go through some basic ant killer and roach killer precautions (because if you’ve got an ant problem you’ll probably be using some of the same solutions) and explain how to get rid of roaches without dangerous poisons.

Roach Control and Sanitation

If you already have cockroaches, you’ll want to think carefully about household sanitation in order to prevent the infestation from becoming worse and stop it from happening again once you get rid of the roaches. If you don’t have cockroaches, you’ll want to think about all of this so that you never have to go past this section and into the solutions.

Remember that cockroaches will live wherever they can find good food and water sources. So don’t leave food lying around. Cockroaches will find it. You may have heard that they can go for days, even weeks, without food. This is true, but they can’t go for very long without water. So make sure you patch leaks and provide adequate ventilations for areas of your home that are prone to high humidity. Cockroaches generally like still, unmoving air, which is why they live behind things. Ensuring good air circulation is part of roach control.

Chemical Solutions to Cockroaches

There are advantages and disadvantages to chemical solutions. They are often the most effective, but they are also the most dangerous, particularly if you have pets or children in your household. If you’re not sure where to buy cockroach killer, ask at your local hardware store.

  • Boric Acid: You may have heard it before and wondered: “does boric acid really kill roaches? The answer is definitely yes. This substance has a variety of uses but is recognized as a very effective insecticide. Sprinkle it in areas where you know cockroaches are frequenting. The roaches ingest the acid and die. It is also toxic to humans and other animals.
  • Insecticides: Sold under a variety of brand names (i.e. Raid), there are many popular products for use against cockroaches. Some of them are sprays which you apply to areas where cockroaches live or pass through, while others are fumigating devices which you set off in a room, allowing the fog to penetrate even remote cracks and corners.
  • Cockroach Bait: Available in gel form, there are normally two ways of delivering the bait, a poisonous substance mixed with substances that are attractive to cockroaches. It can be simply applied to places where you know cockroaches live or travel, or it can come in a small covered bait station which you simply leave out in similar places. Either way, the cockroaches will carry the bait back to their nests and spread the poison among their friends.

Roach and Ant Killer Precautions

The above chemical solutions must be used with great care. First of all, you must read the package and safety instructions very carefully. Use goggles, mask and the best MTB gloves even if these are not recommended, just to ensure you avoid contact with the eyes, mouth and hands.

If you have pets, make sure you are not leaving bait or other chemicals in places where they might get at them. Roaches are difficult to kill, and the chemicals used to do it are pretty strong. If you have children, you must be especially careful not to leave any of these chemicals in places they might reach. Even the covered bait traps might be pried open by curious children.

Finally, ensure that you are very careful applying chemicals in areas where food is prepared or served, as well as in places where clothing is stored. Basically, you want to absolutely minimize the chances of any poisonous substances getting into or onto you.

Non-Chemical Solutions

If you’ve got a major infestation on your hands you’ll probably be best to try the aggressive chemical solutions, but if your cockroach problem is less serious or you simply hate the idea of spreading chemicals in your home, then you do have a few options, including some common house hold roach killer substances.

  • Soap and Water: This is not a long-term solution, but it can kill individual roaches. Like other bugs, they breathe through their skin. Splashing soapy water on them – and it doesn’t really matter what kind of soap – will create a film on their exterior surfaces that basically prevents them from breathing.
  • Sugar and Baking Soda: It’s a common question: “does baking soda kill roaches?” And the answer is yes, when combined with sugar. Mix equal parts of these two powders and leave it out just as you might roach bait.
  • Bay Leaves: Cockroaches can’t stand bay leaves. They’re certainly not a final solution for major bug problems, but try putting them in cockroach pathways or entry points to stop their travels into and through your home.

No More Cockroaches

Cockroaches are a persistent and difficult problem – sometimes you need the help of an expert.

William T. Taylor is a 15-year veteran of the pest control industry, and he has put together a 50-page comprehensive report entitled Cockroach Be Gone.

Inside this revealing report, you will learn the closely-guarded secrets of the pest control experts for killing coroaches quickly, safely, and effectively. Whether you have German, brownbanded, American, smokeybrown or oriental cockroaches, you will be rid of them for a lot less money than your pest control company charges you.

It will guide you every step of the way. Anyone can do it if they know how. Best of all, this report is delivered to you to instantly via download in the popular PDF format.

To get rid of roaches in a hurry, check out Cockroach Be Gone.

So remember, even if you know you’ve got quite a serious cockroach problem on your hands, there’s no need to call Billy the Exterminator on A & E. There are several things you can do yourself. Try some of the above methods and see!


Best Lock Picking Tools

Having the right type of lock picking tools on hand ensures that you’re never going to be left out of your home again, and ensures that locked doors no longer will be made to keep you out.  It’s just a matter of choosing the right type of kit that features everything that you need to get behind any locked door.

With the right kit you’re going to find that you’re able to open practically any type of lock, and it’s just a matter of ensuring you have the right tools for the job.  In fact, you may want a variety of tools, so that you can ensure you have the most ideal type of lock that’s going to be perfect for actually ensuing that you’re able to open anything.  There are many different lock picking tools out there, and choosing the right combination isn’t always easy.

When you’re looking for the right types of lock picking tools, what you always want to ensure that you have are both a tension wrench, and an actual pick.  The tension wrench is important, as this is meant to mimic the action of the key, as well as hold the lock steady and stable while you pick it with the other tool.  This is vital, as that will be what actually turns the lock once you have all the pins pulled, and what’s going to keep them from slamming back into place.  But with the right type of tension wrench, you can ensure that you’re able to deal with almost any lock, and they are usually versatile enough to be good with almost any type of door lock.

For your other lock picking tools like the actual picks themselves, you want to ensure to have a plentiful assortment.  What you’re going to find with these, is that they are essential for actually opening the lock, because they are going to be responsible for ensuring all the pins fall into place.  The pick is going to tap the pins up, and ensure that they lock into place the same way that a key actually would.  This way, you can ensure you’re able to replicate the motion of a key, and actually open the lock.  What’s more however, you want to have different sizes and varieties of pins, so that you can ensure that you’re going to be able to open any lock, of any varying size.

Of course, you can also go with lock picking tools like automatic picks as well.  These are special types of lock picking guns that can figure out any simple lock for you, at the press of a button.  That way, you don’t have to worry about trying to open a door yourself, and you can ensure it happens for you with total ease.  That way, you don’t have to actually have the patience or skill and you can ensure you can still get behind any closed door.

When you’re looking to buy your lock picking tools, you can find them almost anywhere online through a variety of different shops.  Through stores like LockPicks.com or even LockPickShop.com you can find any selection of tools you could want, so that you can get the job done guaranteed.


Taking Advantage of Window Fans to Cool Your House

It’s a great idea to use window fans to cool your house because it can be a very effective method to provide comfort. Whenever they are used correctly, these fans are able to reduce energy costs because they pull the heat out of your home. Correct positioning of them can easily make a difference in how comfortable the room feels. With just a couple easy steps, you are able to use them to lower your the room’s temperature.

Window fans use fan blades to draw cool air from the outside and remove warm air from the room. Manufacturers of these fans design their units to fit directly into window openings. They also have vertical, as well as horizontal extenders to make them fit better in the window opening. The result ought to be a good airtight fit that maintains the air inside a room circulating.

Some window fans only have one fan which can operate in two different directions. One direction pulls air in from the outdoors into the room which helps to keep it circulating, similar to a typical room fan. The other direction of the fan draws the warm air from the room to the outside. This function might prove helpful for ventilating smoke and also cooking smells.

Window Fans Work Well For Cooling Most Rooms

Another model has two separate fans. These fans work together to pull air in or pull air out, and quite frequently they operate in opposing directions. The end result is a far more reduced room temperature, particularly if you have a thermostat that can be used to regulate the fan’s operation. A comfortable temperature will also be able to be set for night. The fan’s thermostat then determines when to pull in cooler air, or to extract warm air from the room.

Fan manufacturers make features for fans which resemble air conditioners or large room fans. The fan blades that are inside the power window fans are made to rotate at higher speeds and gives more cooling power. Some fans are very noisy when functioning, but a few manufacturers provide a “sleep” setting that decreases the fan’s noise while you sleep.

Fans for windows are made to be set up in standard windows so they are secure. Brackets are included with the fan unit that should be used to provide more stability. A few people make a mistake of using a regular box fan inside the window opening instead of using a fan made for a window opening. This could cause problems, since box fans aren’t made to fit in window frames and may fall out at any time. Aside from the possibility of serious damage to the box fan itself, the fan unit might hit a someone walking by or a vehicle.

Many of these kinds of fans are additionally resistant against some light water exposure, yet they ought to be brought inside the house during more substantial rains and during strong wind storms. Whenever possible, put the fan in your upper level windows or in your attic, so it will draw hot air up from the lower rooms and out of your home. Don’t place your window fans in any windows that are close to garbage cans or anywhere else so it can draw in odors from the outside.


Unique ceiling fans

The vast majority of homeowners take pride in their properties, wanting to make them as appealing as resources allow. Do it yourself home improvement, in fact, has become a multibillion dollar industry, as the success of home improvement stores like The Home Depot and Lowe’s can attest. No one ever wants to live in the least attractive home in the neighborhood.

So any home improvement products which can add to a home’s visual appeal are always in demand. Those which can also add to its energy efficiency and lower its energy costs are few and far between, and the most common of the rare is the home ceiling fan.

While basic unadorned ceiling fans can certainly help reduce energy costs, they do not add much to the decor of the rooms they are cooling. Décor conscious homeowners who are looking for ways to impress should consider installing one of the hundreds of unique and modern ceiling fans which will definitely open the eyes of their guests.

Unique ceiling fans can be so intricate in their detailing and lighting fixtures that they will automatically become the focus of any rooms in which they are installed. Some manufacturers, like Famination and Regency Ceiling Fans, are known for their collections of unique ceiling fans.

In the twenty plus years wince they began, Fanimation has built a reputation for their unique ceiling fans designed to accommodate numerous conditions. Fanimation was the first to introduce three styles of unique ceiling fans: The Islander, with the first palm leaf shaped blades; The Palisade, with vertically, rather than horizontally, rotation blades; and The Punkah, with its line of side to side fan blades extending for up to twenty-four feet, and moving in side to side synchronization.

The unique ceiling fans from Regency Ceiling Fans are available through their proprietary Décor Match Collection, which offers customers the chance to select all the components for their ceiling fans from among twenty three different model lines. The can choose whichever components will be best for their individual décor, resulting in a perfect complement to their interior.

If you’re looking for unique ceiling fans to use outside your home, you could do worse than to consider Hunter’s No Rust fan. These fans with sealed motors, housed in stamped aluminum and with corrosion resistant coating and weatherproof blades will give you years of outstanding exterior cooling comfort. And their motors have limited lifetime warranties.

Unique ceiling fans, in short, are unique for a variety of reasons. But the one thing they have in common is that each will add a distinctive styling or performance characteristic to your home, making it just a little more appealing than its neighbors!


Hunter Douglas Ceiling Fans

The 21st century has begun as the century of the consumer. There is no way to escape, in market-driven economies, the constant stream of new products and technologies which, accurately or not, are represented as better than anything which has preceded them. Nothing, it seems, can be offered unless it is a new and superior version of something already available, and if it is not offered by the manufacturers of the existing product, it is certain to be offered by their competitors.

Marketing of this nature is a deliberate attempt to play on people’s desires to have state of the art products. But the constant influx of new consumer items can have a backlash. Consumer loyalty is at an all-time low, and simply adding some substanceless polish to an already established technology may lure them away from the inventors of the technology to its polishers.

For one product maker to stay in the forefront of its industry, given the competitive nature of business, is a remarkable feat and accomplished only with a long-established record of reliable customer service and dependable products.

With over one hundred and twenty years under its belt as one of the oldest ceiling fan makers in the US, Hunter Douglas has achieved that sort of standing, both in the echelon of ceiling fan manufacturers and in the esteem of its customers.

The original Hunter Douglas ceiling fans were powered by systems of belts running off steam turbines, but the company began its policy of innovation very early in its history, and the Hunter ‘Original’ line of cast iron Hunter Douglas ceiling fans has been in continuous production for over a century, longer than any other fan in history.

The “Original” Hunter Douglas ceiling fans are now sold as “Classic Originals” and are a line with several different models. Because of their long history the Original Hunter Douglas ceiling fans may be the most recognizable on Earth, and had a shaded pole motor until the 1980s. While production of the Original Hunter Douglas Ceiling Fans was move overseas from the US in 2003, their appearance as it has always been.

The Original has survived so long because its simple design and substantial construction, along with its exceptionally powerful motor, kept it ahead of competition from more stylish imported fans. Hunter Douglas ceiling fans are the standard bearers of the industry, embodying what consumers expect in terms of performance and reliability.

Hunter Douglas ceiling fans, quite simply, are the simply designed utilitarian fans with a popularity to which the rest of the ceiling fan industry can only aspire. They have withstood the test of time, and all the market pressures to sacrifice quality for cosmetics. For their loyal and growing customer base, that seems to be all that’s necessary!


Remote Controlled Ceiling Fans

There are infrared hand held remote controls available to operate almost any home appliance. If you have a television, you know exactly how they work. The remote control technology has been adapted for brightening and dimming lights, or raising and lowering electronic window shades in home theaters, and remote controlled ceiling fans have now joined the list.

Imagine being able to relax in your recliner or lie in bed and adjust the speed of your ceiling fan, or even turn it on of off without having to move. Remote controlled ceiling fans offer cutting edge convenience when compared to pull chain or even wall switch controlled models. For rooms with cathedral ceilings, in fact, remote controlled ceiling fans are practically a must.

Remote controlled ceiling fans are equipped with sensors, usually built in to their switch housings or canopies, which respond to the infrared beams from the handheld control units. If you intend to install a remote controlled ceiling fan with lighting, both the fan and the lights will be triggered by the receiver in the fan’s canopy, so you’ll only need one hot lead when wiring the fan and lights.

If your home has existing pull chain ceiling fans, you can turn them into remote controlled ceiling fans simply by buying add on kits with sensors and hand units. While the installation wiring of add-on kits varies from brand to brand, most of the time they require the receiver to be connected to the home’s wiring and the fan connected to the receiver.

Modern Fan Accessories offers the electronic handheld remote add on kit which will allow independent control of both the fan and lighting off a single circuit with one hot and one neutral wire. This particular add on kit can control a fan with three speeds and lights with a complete dimming range. It retails for $53.99.

Even among factory installed remote controlled ceiling fan systems, however, there are degrees of sophistication. The most advanced of them may be Casablanca Ceiling Fans’ IntelliTouch remote controlled ceiling fans.

The IntelliTouch remote can be programmed with ceiling fan and fan lighting settings; it can also sense changes in the temperature of a room and regulate the fan’s speed accordingly. For those times when you home is empty overnight, your IntelliTouch remote controlled ceiling fans’ lighting can be set to turn on and off at different times to thwart possible intruders.

Remote controlled ceiling fans, whether those direct from the factory, or those which have been upgraded after purchase, offer their users tremendous convenience and maximum efficiency of operation. They are, without a doubt, the new ceiling fan standard!


The Unusual Kenyan Hero

Armed forces are generally a dreaded lot. More so the GSU. But one Joseph Musyoka Nthenge stands out for giving the forces a less brutal face at a time when they seemed to be shooting at anything that moved while some Rambo characters were caught on tape kicking a dying man in the ribs.

The UN has recognized him with a ‘United Nations Kenya Person of the Year Award’, a prestigious award that has previously gone to the likes of Abbas Gullet for his good leadership at Kenya Red Cross Society, Njoki Ndung’u for her contribution in the fight for Girl’s and Women’s rights and Agnes Pareiyo for her tireless efforts to rescue girls from Under age marriage and Female Genital Mutilation in her community.

Joseph stands out for the peaceful manner in which he dispersed a crowd of rowdy youth who were headed for the city center to protest the delayed presidential results during last year’s General Elections. The youth had already left a trail of destruction in their path. There is no telling how much more blood shed we’d have witnessed or how many more lives would have lost if that group got their way on that day. So it’s Hats off for Joseph Nthenge. My little doctorate goes to him.

Having said that, a lot of other Kenyans did their bit to peacefully restore calm during our darkest days. Hats off to them too. Every one of them.


Naivasha Vampire Godfrey Matheri

Kenya cannot claim to be any holier than the next country as far as crime is concerned. Car thefts, muggings, bank robberies and home break-ins are so much in the news we are almost getting used to them.

The removal and sale of human parts is not new either.

These bizarre incidences have been around since the early 90s. But there’s a new breed of sick minds on the loose.

Guys who rape, torture, kill and even drink blood just for the thrill of it. The kind we read about in True Detective magazines and Anne Rule novels. Or watch on Crime and Investigations Networks. Now we have our very own – the late Simon Matheri and the Naivasha vampire Godfrey Matheri among others.

For now let’s look at Matheri the vampire.

did_someone_say_bite_meIn his defense he says that he delivers the human blood to a local Bishop – Jeremiah Pallangyo of New Hope for all Nations. But the victims tell a different story. He drinks it. He taps it into a cup, then transfers it into a flask and sips it in intervals.

It would probably not be strange if indeed the bishop asked for blood. There are enough cults doing the rounds and Naivasha for some reason seems to have more than it’s fair share of them.

But before his implicating the Bishop is taken seriously, Matheri should have a thorough psychiatric examination in the hands of qualified doctors because chances are he’s mentally sick and could very easily be lying. That guy is not stable.

Raping and keeping the victims’ underpants as trophies cannot possibly be what the Bishop ordered. That must be for his own twisted pleasure. His kind is well described in many criminal profiling books.

Looking at the whole saga from the victims eyes, it’s difficult to fathom the absolute terror that they go through. One look at Matheri even on TV is enough to send shivers down the spines of viewers. Ho does look scary. Seeing him up close siphoning blood?

I would not wish such a thing even on my worst enemy. Like the young victim who says he drew blood and when one vein ran out he cut a different vein and drew more until he filled a cup! My heart goes out to the young woman and I hope she will be able to undergo intensive counseling to rid her mind of the trauma.

Now for the residents of Kihoto. They seem to know the guy and what has been going on quite well. He has been in and out of police custody several times. How come he survived to spread his terror for so long. And the police, I’m no detective but I thought crime scenes are usually sealed off for fine tooth combing. But here the police demolished the house. They probably buried some crucial clues that might have helped further in the investigations.

One shudders to even think of such a guy in our overcrowded prisons. We have all sorts of criminals in there but nobody wants to be sharing a room with a vampire. He could just get thirsty at night.


Make The Most Of Your Travel Time

Whether you’re commuting to work or going to visit family, the time that you spend traveling racks up over the years. This is an unavoidable way that your time gets taken up and therefore I believe that you should make the most of it. After all, its the time when you are free to think about things, or to work on projects, as long as they are small and portable. The way that you take advantage of this time is up to you, as it really depends on what interest you and what is going on in your life. If you are traveling by yourself, you can even simply spend some time alone with your thoughts, which can be a very fulfilling experience.

It is also a good idea to bring something to keep you busy, especially on long journeys. While on many forms of transportation, you won’t be able to take part in a lot of your hobbies like playing partypoker or painting. However, there are many other things that you can do. Bring that book you have always been meaning to read and somewhere within the eight or nine hour journey, you will find the time to make a significant dent in the pages. Or, you could simply listen to some great music that you have been wanting to devote a good amount of time to.

Traveling also gives you a great opportunity to catch up on work you have been meaning to do. It can be hard to use a laptop in a cramped seat but there is no reason why you can’t bring a notepad and just start scribbling down ideas. You have time free anyway, so why not take advantage of it and be productive, and you will reach your destination feeling productive and positive.


My kitchen and I

Not that Dexter. Lol.

My name is urm…. Shiko and I’m a recovering kitchen gadget freak. I’m that girl with a butcher knife and a heavy duty 8 inch behemoth of a meat cleaver in her kitchen drawers.  I seem to have learnt well from some of my older sisters. I won’t say I’ve wasted but I did spend my hard earned cash on gadgets whose frequency of use comes nowhere near justification for the money spent and the space they occupy.

Looking back, I’ll admit that in some cases, to a large extent I was driven more by aesthetics and rave than functionality.  The mental picture of a kitchen counter with a sparkling clean array of gadgetry was a constant in my mind since young days. And buy I did.  I spent more time and money actualizing my dream than I spent being a girl! Yes I see the irony in there somewhere.

Alas! Buying and using are two different things! Otherwise explain why I use a mortar and pestle while I have a gadget to pulverize garlic and ginger in seconds? Explain why I would manually chop onions right next to an electronic chopper? Or next to the 40 function thingamabob that was all the rave some time back? The one that chopped, diced and julienned your onions, cabbages, beets, carrots and finger tips to perfection? The one that gained you time in chopping and lost you double time in cleaning tightly packed blades and crevices?

It didn’t take me too long or too much financial damage to realize that I’m no gourmet chef after all and that a good all rounder knife or two would do. That even without scales and numerous measuring cups, I can just eye ball my cooking ingredients and still come up with good food.

Not too long ago I went on a mad back to basics de-cluttering offensive and offloaded a lot of gadgetry to another unfortunate but only too happy victim of my kitchenalia. But I kept a few gems. In the end the most useful companions in my kitchen are nifty little pieces some of which cost less than 200 bob.

Among others,

Tea Bag Squeezer My Kitchen And I.

I kept a tea bag squeezer. Flashback, the day I came across it in a shop I almost squealed in delight. Not that I’m a commercial tea bag squeezer but I partake of herbal infusions here and there and squeezing tea bags (untagged especially) is such a chore! For the first few days I did get a little over enthusiastic with the squeezing yes.  I almost had a teeth gritted squeeze fest for all the antics I’d been to to squeeze scalding tea bags.

Pineapple Corer My Kitchen And I.

I kept a pineapple corer. No I do not eat pineapples for a living. In fact I do not eat them much. My justification for having one is directly proportional to my abhorrence for peeling and coring pineapples. Petty you think? Listen, cored pineapple rings are really cool. And how else do you core a pineapple?

Pizza cutter 288x300 My Kitchen And I.

I kept my pizza cutter because I’ve never mastered the art of making thin pizza. My home made pizza is usually piled so high with toppings that it needs a new name. Now try cutting through a mountain of lose corn, mushrooms and such with a regular knife. Once in a blue moon.

Egg slicer My Kitchen And I.

I kept an egg slicer because I use it a lot.

Egg separator 300x300 My Kitchen And I.

I kept my egg separator because its cute and yellow and is so rarely used its still new.

Egg Cuber 300x292 My Kitchen And I.

I’m not done kitchen shopping. I can’t promise that if I come across a recipe that calls for cubed eggs I’ll not rush to the shops for an egg cuber.  Also, I could do with something that can vacuum zap seeds out of water melons.

There is such a thing as a butter spreader. No, that I won’t be buying.