Back Pain Explained

Back pain is felt in the back and caused by the muscles, nerves, bones, joints or other structures that make up the spine. The pain can be felt either intermittently or constantly. It can stay stagnate in one place or radiate to other areas. The sensation of the pain can be piercing or burning or a dull ache. The pain can be felt in all areas of the back, from the neck to the upper back to the lower back. Some pain may be accompanied by numbness, tingling or weakness.

If you experience any of the previously mentioned problems, you are not alone. Back pain is one of the most recurrent complaints for people worldwide. In the United States alone, lower back pain is the fifth most common reason for doctor’s visits. Nine out of ten adults will experience some type of back pain in their lifetimes. Five out of ten working professionals report back pain each year.

Since the spine is a complicated network for muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons and nerves, pain in some part of the spine is common and often requires a variety of different solutions.

Back pain should be taken sincerely. Although it is not frequently the case, back pain can be a sign of a serious medical problem. This simple guide to explaining back pain should never take the place of professional medical opinion that can be provided to you by a personal physician. Some people prefers to use a massage recliner for back pain to relieve major pains in the back.

The following descriptions of pain should always be brought to the attention of a medical professional:

• Progressive weakness in the legs
• Pain severe enough to interrupt sleep when present with fever or unexplained weight loss
• Pain that occurs after a trauma (such as a fall or a car accident)
• Individuals with medical conditions with high spinal risks (such as osteoporosis or multiple myeloma)

However in most cases, back pain does not usually call for immediate medical involvement. Self-limiting and non-progressive back pain makes up the vast majority of the common back complaints.

Muscle strains and muscle imbalances are often identified as the cause of back pain. Pain from an injury can often remain long after the initial action because of the muscle imbalances. The muscles are forced to work in different, unnatural ways as the individual tries to avoid the pain in the problem area. This causes mechanical problems with the skeleton, building pressure at points on the spine-and pain.

Meniscoid occlusion also causes acute lower back pain, when more mobile regions of the spine become pinched or trapped. What results can be sudden and severe pain. Symptoms include severe lower back pain, also accompanied sometimes by muscle spasms, pain with walking or pain concentrated to a single side of the body.

Back pain among individuals under age 50 can also include spinal disc herniation, isthmic spondylolisthesis or degenerative disc disease. For individuals over age 50, common causes can be osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis. Consult a doctor if you believe you may suffer from any of the mentioned ailments.

There are also many non-anatomical causes that can contribute to back pain. These can include, but are not limited to, repressed anger, stress or depression. Even if an anatomical cause is determined for the back pain, if stress or depression is present, it should be treated additionally. Back pain is also frequently experienced with no underlying anatomical problem.

The goals for treating back pain are:
• To quickly achieve maximum reduction in pain intensity
• Restore individual’s ability to function in everyday activities
• Cope with any residual pain (if present)

There are numerous types of treatments for all kinds of conditions and individuals. Some people find they need to try several treatment options to figure out which works the best for their situation. Only a minority of patients treated for back pain require surgery (estimates range from 1%-10%). Instead, a variety of different techniques are currently used to treat the condition, including: medication, heat therapy, exercises, acupuncture, manipulation and physical therapy.

Massage therapy can also help. Acupressure or pressure point massages (often used in Shiatsu technique) are more beneficial to substantial back pain sufferers than the classic, Swedish-style massage. Many massage recliners are manufactured to be therapy devices, are more powerful than those built just for casual use and vibration. Some are even certified by Chiropractic associations.


Baby thermometer buying guide

With all the different types of thermometers on the market, it is difficult to know which would be best suited for your child while reducing the stress on mom and dad. The best baby thermometers range in price, location of use, and accuracy. It is always good to ask your pediatrician for his/her recommendation for your individual child’s needs.

1. Mercury Rectal Thermometers

How to Use:

After coating the bulb of the thermometer with petroleum jelly, gently insert the tip of the thermometer up to one inch into the child’s rectum. Hold firmly in place for at least 3 minutes. It is recommended that this type of thermometer be used for children under 2 years of age.

Pros and Cons:

This thermometer is the overwhelming choice of pediatricians for young children, but it can pop out if the child squirms. It is sometimes difficult to read, and its glass construction makes is fragile. However, the rectal mercury thermometer gives the most accurate reading of all thermometers for home use.

2. Oral Mercury Thermometers

How to Use:

The bulb of the thermometer is inserted under the child’s tongue toward the back of the mouth for at least 3 minutes. Be certain that your child has not had anything hot or cold to drink immediately prior to inserting the thermometer in his/her mouth, as it will alter the temperature results. It is recommended that this type of thermometer is used for children 3 years of age and older.

Pros and Cons:

Although it is considered fragile and hard to read, it is considered the best choice for older children.

3. Ear Thermometer

How to Use:

Gently pull your child’s ear back and up while inserting the probe gently, but snugly into the ear canal. A reading appears approximately 2 seconds later. This type of thermometer is not recommended for children under the age of 1 year since it is often difficult to get an accurate reading.

Pros and Cons:

Although this technique can be tricky on a squirming child, this type of thermometer is known to be highly accurate and quick. One drawback with this type of thermometer is the cost, especially when you compare it to the reliable oral mercury thermometers.

4. Pacifier Thermometer

How to Use:

Place the pacifier thermometer in the baby’s mouth and leave it in the child’s mouth until the alarm beeps in approximately 3 minutes. The age for this type of thermometer is under 2 years.

Pros and Cons:

Although this thermometer accuracy has been questioned, its digital read out is easy to read, and there is less trauma for the baby.

5. Digital Underarm Thermometer

How to Use:

Gently place the thermometer probe into your child’s armpit and firmly hold against the skin with your child’s arm down against his/her body until the alarm sounds. This type of thermometer can be used for children of all ages.

Pros and Cons:

Accuracy with this thermometer can vary. However, the digital display is simple to read and this technique is very tolerable to the child.

6. Digital Rectal/Oral Thermometer

How to Use:

This type of thermometer can be used either rectally or orally. These thermometers are similar in use and application to the mercury based thermometers. Gently insert the thermometer rectally no more than 1 inch into your child’s rectum, or under your child’s tongue. The reading is complete when the thermometer beeps. The age range for use as a rectal thermometer is less than 2 years of age and for oral use, it is recommended that the child be at least 3 years of age.

Pros and Cons:

Although this type of thermometer is considered to be less accurate than the mercury based thermometers, it is both easier to read, and difficult to break. But don’t use it as an OTC Sleep Aid


Most Comfortable Work Boots

Comfort is one of the top considerations when choosing a pair of work boots. Are you wondering what makes a comfortable pair of boots that you can wear to work? We will give you the nitty-gritty details here.

What goes into choosing the most comfortable work boots for you?

When shopping for your comfortable work boots, remember that you are not shopping for any other kind of shoes. You need to pay attention to features beyond simple fit to ensure that you can move freely with them on but not jeopardize your safety.

Work boots or safety shoes are primarily used by laborers who work on their feet for long hours in a day. Those with blue collar jobs who work in construction sites and other strength-bending workplaces need them in order to keep up with the demands of their jobs while also ensuring their feet’s safety and overall health.

Shoe discomfort has many possible effects.

It could hinder one’s productivity in performing tasks as well as take away a laborer’s concentration on what needs to be done. When electricians or construction workers lose their focus, the result may significantly put their life in danger. We are not just talking about mere comfort or the perfect fit here. This is also about safety, exactly the reason that people need diabetic steel toe boots.

So, what spells comfort in wearing work boots all day? It is in the quality of the boots, which is dependent on design, material, and specific features.

Boot Design

There are various boot designs that are available to meet the requirements of every type of user. When making a choice, you should consider your work environment, your kind of work, and your feet’s structure.

For starters, you should look for a comfortable fit. This is something that you can wear for long hours and not make you feel a pinch. Potential foot injuries are not limited to crushing, lacerations, punctures, and sprains.

If your work boots do not fit perfectly, you may also suffer from calluses, blisters, and ingrown toenails. They can be prevented by making sure that your work boots are not too tight nor too loose, in all areas. Choosing the right size also matters.

The outward appearance and the shape of your work boots basically make up the design. Whether you need a wider or longer boot depends on how the pair fits. Basically, it should feel right. Your foot should not slide through but should not feel too snug either.

Boot Material

Leather is the number choice of material for work boots. This type of material is strong yet pliable. If it’s a good kind of leather, it is also lightweight and breathable. In most cases, high quality pairs use the full-grain kind, which was not sanded or buffed.

Leaving the grain of the leather almost untouched keeps it strong and durable. When a softer variety of leather is used, its comfort is often reinforced through extra padding or leather strips.

Other materials that may be used in making work boots include rubber.

Boot Features

The technology of making work boots has certainly progressed the last few years or so. Additional features are now being provided to make them as comfortable as possible. Some of these include toe-caps, metatarsal guards, abrasion resistance, slip resistance, electricity and fire resistance, insulation, and water-proofing.

Choosing the features that will contribute to your level of comfort will depend on a handful of factors. Examining your needs and requirements could help you establish what you should put your money on.

Insoles may be built-in or sold separately. This particular feature, which contributes a lot on comfort and durability should be given serious attention. A good quality insole is thick enough to protect your foot from the shock of each step yet light enough to the feel. Other characteristics of a good quality insole include moisture resistance and breathability.

Believe it or not, the construction of work boots also impacts its comfort factor. It is directly related to the boots’ flexibility, weight, and overall performance. The best work boots are manufactured through welt construction, where the soles are stitched together, combined with a cemented toe-cap.

Blue collar workers also get a lot of help from boots that are manufactured with metatarsal guards. This particular feature offers added protection, especially for those who move around in an environment where falling embers is an issue.

Weatherproofing is another feature that you should look out for. Your pair should be perfect with the change of every season. It should not conduct heat so your feet do not get sweaty when the climate gets hot. It should not freeze when temperatures hit low so your toes will not fall off. It should also be waterproof when it gets rainy in the workplace. An all-weather work boots is a lot of help because it could shield you to the potential risks that changes in your workplace may bring.

Shopping for work boots is not an easy task. There are too many factors to consider to arrive at the most comfortable choice. Aesthetics and other style issues would have to step aside because comfort is king. Comfort also says a lot about the lifespan of your work boots. If they are of the perfect fit, of a high quality construction, and of durable materials, they are not as prone to the common wear and tear of regular use.

If you can, it is advisable that you try on the available work boots choices that fit into your specific requirements. There is no better judge whether a certain pair is comfortable enough than slipping them on. A comfortable pair of work boots feels like a pillow is cradling your feet. It does not slip or feels too tight to your feet. Your soles do not hurt because they can breathe freely although they are held together. They allow you freedom of movement so you can work more efficiently.


How to Edit an Essay: Proofreading Tips


Once you are done with writing, then you need to take some time to review what you have written, to see if you have written the right thing, and followed the guidelines as given to you by the examiner. Here are a few tips on how to ensure that you hand in your essay in the correct format, and free of mistakes.

Use a grammar checker

This is the first thing you need to use, once you have cleared all the typing. Grammar checkers help in identifying places where you used the wrong tense or misspelled a word. They also help in suggesting more alternatives as per the words and sentence structures you have used; hence, you might need to make use of the same to clear off any unnoticeable mistakes.

Other people use paid grammar checkers to enrich their essays, as most of these grammar checkers have a higher capacity to interpret and rectify your essay. There are other online grammar checkers, which makes it even possible to check plagiarism in your essay, and will notify you anytime there is a case of a copied content in the essay.

Give the essay some time

Once you are done writing the essay, and checking for any grammar errors, it is always advisable you take a break from the essay, and give yourself some time to relax. This will give your mind refreshment, which will make it possible for the mind to notice errors that you could not see when you were typing. You can give yourself a break of not less than an hour, you can take this moment to involve your body with activities like sporting or have a chat with a friend, away from the books.

This is the only way your mind will be fresh again and be ready to handle any more tasks you have to undertake. If you want to submit high quality work to your assessors, then never do your work in a hurry, but ensure you take all the time you have to come up with the same.

Have someone else proofread for you

Once you are done proofreading your work, and cannot see any more mistakes in your work, it is always advisable for you to seek someone else’s help. You can use a fellow classmate undertaking a different course to proofread for you.

When you use another mind to proofread your work, the other person will be able to see and notice a few errors, if they are there, that you would never have noticed, and rectify the same for you. However, you have to be careful while using someone to proofread your work, thus you need to be present when he or she does it, so that you can discuss about the problem together.

Writing Essays

Comparison/Contrast: consider your topic when writing essays by evaluating it to one of the best of that category (use something everyone would know so that you never have to invest some time reporting it, you can just refer to it). You will not do any prolonged assessment, but just use the assessment as a lead-off into your own view.

Expectations Unfulfilled: This is especially easy to do for this structure form. Use the release to describe what you were looking forward to before seeing the topic. Then describe how the topic was either better or more intense than you estimated.

Frame: Use information of the topic as the appearance structure. That way you get right into the measures but then separate off half-way through, which keeps people in suspense. Give your consideration and then complete the appearance.

Define Genre and compare: In this structure, you would start out by reporting the regular objectives of whatever topic you have when writing essays, for example: stimulus package project, Movie script, effects of video games, the best club around and so on.

After reporting the “typical,” you will then tell how your topic either indicates the category or varies from the standard. Probably this kind of work is best used for a satire, or for some topic that purposely tries to separate out of the typical objectives of that category.

Analysis by criteria: In this kind of document, you create the subject; tell why you are examining it, what rival it, and how you accumulated your information. Then you obtain your key elements according to date obtain, spatial obtain or obtain of significance.

Chronological Order: You might use this when writing essays in all or part of your document. This implies what occurred in your obtain. This is particularly useful for efficiency or eating place evaluation.

Causal Analysis: This method, impact on the visitors. How does it cause the effect?

Analysis centered on the Social Context or the Story: These consider requires a photograph and considers how it is successful for a particular point in form. Usually, the photograph is about a debatable or an emotional level energized to traditional occurrence. Your research can describe how this image are proven or provided to the emotion/debate encompassing the occurrence. It may be that the photograph is interesting or deceptive.


World-Class Essay Writing Service

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The Popular Belgian Waffle Maker

When we feel from the phrases “waffle maker”, we instinctively know it is an equipment utilized to make waffles. The fundamental model has two plates that are hinged together with two somewhat long handles. The plates are made of iron in most cases, and also the waffle battered is poured on 1 facet and flipped about to make a single waffle. One factor that you just may possibly not be aware of is waffle makers are diversified in both design and sort.

A waffle maker that is becoming increasingly more common is the Belgian model maker. Belgian waffles are known for becoming larger, thicker and lighter than the common breakfast waffle. Despite the fact that in the country of their origin, Belgium, they’re not eaten for breakfast. As soon as phrase of them leaked into other nations, everybody clamored to have a Belgian waffle. Now many of us want to replicate that Belgian waffle in their own home.

To obtain a major notch Belgian waffle at home, you should buy the right equipment. As pointed out above, there are numerous types of waffle makers. You need to be sure you buy your appliance specifically for Belgian waffles. These are also greater in peak, and their wells where you add the waffle batter are generally deeper than normal. This assures you will receive a higher, lighter waffle indicative with the well-known Belgian ones.

For the reason that of their increasing recognition, they are not hard to come across. They could be learned in superstores, specialty shops, on line, and occasionally even in smaller drug stores. As a result of becoming found in many different producers, prices, sizes, and styles…. the option is yours.

These are a couple of suggestions that you may perhaps wish to take into consideration just before purchasing. Very first, compare the waffle maker reviews online.

Quite a few websites concentrate on comparing distinct appliances. In addition, they will include client reviews. This allows you to view how the average consumer liked the item. This might or may not mirror what you determine to in the end buy within the end, but it does are available in helpful.

A 2nd suggestion is to know what you will need and what you are able to manage. You might see a gorgeous, huge, skilled, solid iron Belgian waffle maker for a huge selection of dollars. Is that this really the right choice if you are making waffles for just you and your spouse? Would the thirty-five dollar Belgian waffle maker with rave critiques from customers do just what you need without breaking the bank? The choice is yours, but pick correctly so you don’t have buyer’s regret in the end.

One of the most obvious places where a waffle iron may be of benefit is restaurants. With customers looking for something nice to eat and often wanting a dessert to top off their meal, Belgian waffles could just be the thing to top off your customers’ experience. Since the Waring Pro range make top quality waffles, you can’t go wrong with this brand and you are sure to have the people that taste your waffles come back again and again for more.

Another place where Belgian waffles are likely to go down a storm is in hotels and Bed & Breakfast facilities. In these places waffles may not only be bought as a delicious dessert, but customers may also like the idea of having them for breakfast, or as snacks throughout the day. By selling waffles with a variety of toppings customers can select their favorite kind and will be able to enjoy them whenever they get a craving for some.

Any establishment where there is a canteen area can also benefit from a waffle iron. Workplaces, schools, hospitals and other places where a cafeteria area can be found can sell delicious waffles if you buy from the Waring Pro range. This means that you can be supplying people who visit the canteen with food that they are sure to love, and will also help to rake in the profits once word gets around about how great these waffles taste!

The Waring Pro range does two different waffle makers, and your choice should be dependent on how many waffles you think that you are going to sell. If you work somewhere that is quite quiet, for example, then the single waffle iron may be all that you need in order to keep your customers happy.

In busier places, where the demand for waffles may be higher, you may like to think about the fantastic double waffle iron by Waring. The double waffle maker is amazing for commercial use since it can supply up to sixty waffles per hour; your customers will never have to wait for delicious food again with a Belgian waffle maker.


Sony Smartwatch 2: A Change for The Better?

It’s pretty safe to say that the original Smartwatch left many people feeling disappointed and underwhelmed. Sony has just released its successor, and many are waiting with baited-breath for the verdict. Here’s a run-down of what it has to offer, any improvements on its predecessor, and how it fares against the competition.

First impressions:

At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of difference between Sony’s latest offering and the original; the screen of the SW2 is only ever so slightly bigger, but it does offer an LCD touch screen, in contrast to the OLED of the SW1. The resolution is also greater.

The Smartwatch 2 is aesthetically pleasing, although understated in comparison with some of its flashier competitors. It offers a very simple, yet elegant design; it is also well-fitting with a light-weight aluminum body. A new feature for the SW2 is that there is an option to switch watch straps, and is compatible with any 24mm strap. You can also find  cheap smart watches with better features.

Improvements on the SW1:

Sony seems to have listened carefully to the niggles raised by SW1 users, with a fair amount of effort put in to rectify common complaints; for example, unlike the original, the SW2 is now water resistant, and has an “all-weather” screen, which allows the user to read unhindered in bright sunlight.

There are three capacitive buttons, which replace the largely ineffectual swiping gestures of the original SW1, increasingly response time significantly. The SW2 has introduced a useful micro USB charger, which eradicates the need for the cumbersome, awkward proprietary cable used with the SW1 (and many of its competitors).

Battery life has been greatly increased, exceeding that of the SW1 and the majority of its close competitors, now allowing for three to four days of regular use, and a five to six day of more infrequent usage. The slightly annoying disappearing time display, implemented in the SW1 as an energy-saving tool, has now been eliminated, allowing the SW2 to display the time continuously.


The connection process is simpler with the SW2. The watch incorporates One-touch NFC technology, which means that pairing with an android device is relatively simple: the theory is that when placed close by, or tapped together, the watch and device will instantly connect.

However, the effectiveness of this has been questioned, with reports of failing connections or the inability to connect in the first place, rife.  The SW2 is compatible with almost any android devices, unlike the SW1, which has a more limited compatibility.

The SW2’s ability to work with any android device increases its mass-market appeal; unlike its nearest competitor, the Galaxy Gear, which is limited by only being compatible with the Note.


There are very few noticeable differences between the software for the SW2 and SW2; their main function, and selling point, is to act as a discrete way to stay in touch with the outside world, without having to look at your phone. Both watches allow the user to read notifications from Facebook, read emails, and to handle and log calls.

However, the SW2 does have some limitations when compared to other smartwatches on the market, in that its lack of a microphone prevents the user from being able to take or receive calls. Another limitation is that, although the SW2 can read data already downloaded, it needs the phone to pull down new data, so the two needs to be in close proximity of one another.

Although the SW2 offers a wide variety of applications (over 300, in fact), half of these were made for the slightly smaller SW1 screen; however, they are still compatible. That said, some of the applications appear amateurish, and many just don’t function correctly; finding particular applications out of the 300 can sometimes be difficult. Sony is ahead of its competitors in that it offers some important and useful applications that its competitors don’t, such as Gmail; this is an advantage seeing as it is most android users preferred choice.


There are many positives for the SW2, and Sony have definitely included some useful improvements on the SW1. The smartwatch provides the basic function of allowing the user to read notifications sent to their phone, without having to retrieve the actual phone; however, the jury is out on whether it is more convenient to look at your watch, than it is to take it out of your pocket.

Its compatibility with almost all android devices blows the Galaxy Gear out of the water, but its uses are further limited by not having a microphone or camera. It’s not quite there yet, but it is definitely on its way.


Ninja Blenders – Get the Most Out of Your Blender

Just about everyone has a Ninja blender, or just any other type of blender, in their kitchen. They might have gotten it as a gift or they may have gone out purchased it themselves. Either way most people really have no idea what that versatile kitchen appliance can actually do for them.

The most popular use of the blender is to mix frozen drinks. That involves crushing ice along with your favorite drink mix. If that describes you, you’re missing out on a lot.

How about using it to make your favorite dips, salsa or soups? The blender is perfect for these. Try making your favorite guacamole dip or Mexican salsa. Soups are a breeze. How about trying tomato soup with real fresh tomatoes? It can’t be beat.

Just use your imagination. How about trying some fresh yogurt, even apple sauce? If it needs to be chopped, diced, pureed or anything in between your blender is up to the task.

A lot of new mothers are turning to their blenders to prepare health baby foods from fresh vegetables.  Can you think of anything better for your newborn? Just pick your favorite vegetables or better yet your baby’s favorites and put that blender to work. Anything from apples to carrots to other tasty green vegetables will result in truly healthy food and at a lot less cost.

Are you a coffee lover? Well you don’t need to get all that special equipment to grind your own coffee beans. That’s right! Just make sure your blender is powerful enough. Here’s where it pays to not skimp when deciding on a kitchen blender. Spend a little extra money and get an appliance that will handle a variety jobs large and small.

How about grinding your own spices? There’s nothing like fresh pepper and peppercorn for a fresh salad. Grind and mix your own creations.  Your blender can grind and mix a variety of dried spices to make your very own seasoning mix.

Make your own ice cream. You’ll want a blender that has enough power to make your favorite flavors smooth and creamy. Vanilla, Chocolate, or any made with your favorite fruits is possible. How about your own peanut butter? Here again you’ll want a powerful blender to grind the peanuts into a creamy smooth spread.

Let’s don’t forget a variety of meat dishes that your blender can help with. Make your hamburger from lean cuts of meat. Know exactly what you’re getting. No hidden surprises and you’ll save money. The blender can be easily used to shred cooked meats, e.g. pork, for sandwiches. But like always having the right blender is a must.

The list could go on and on. If you have the right Ninja blender you’re limited only by your own creativity. There are hundreds of tasty recipes you can make. Learn how to use this versatile kitchen appliance and open the door to many exciting ways to prepare some marvelous treats.



Women need countless cooking accessories and food processors across the world. Through such products they are able to manage and improve cooking in a better way.

These days many different products can be found in the market especially the blenders and that they are available in different shapes, sixes and price range respectively. But before buying one, you should do through research by visiting shops and by browsing online too.

Ninja Company is one such company that is renowned and popular for making the best kitchen blenders in the world. The fact is that the new models are more stylish and sleek and perform much better than the other available blenders in the market.

Above all, they are convenient and safe to use and that you can blend fruits to serve the children in a better way. If you plan to buy one Ninja Kitchen Blender, then you should know about the most popular blenders that are available in the market.


The Ultimate Laser Facial Hair Removal Guide-2017

Hair removal is a chore, especially for women, but it is a chore that must be done, not only for aesthetic purposes but for hygienic reasons as well.

People who don’t deal with unwanted hair are seen as unkempt, unprofessional and unclean and therefore are not trusted with lots of responsibility and have difficulty socializing. This is why in the business world, as well as in the dating arena, being hair-free is very important.

Traditionally, people accomplish this through shaving, waxing, using hair removal creams and plucking. However, these are all either time consuming, painful, inconvenient or skin degrading, which is why, if people have the means to do so, they’d go for laser hair removal. Here is some information regarding the average cost of laser hair removal for people who are curious and for those who are thinking of saving up for the procedure.

You might be interested in sedu hair curling wand

As with all other types of procedures, the primary factor in determining the average cost of laser hair removal is the area where hair will be removed and the amount of hair a person has. On average, the procedure costs around $400 more or less with popular areas being the face, the legs, underarms and bikini line.

For small areas like the face, the cheapest laser hair removal treatment is $150, although it does depend on the clinic you go to and how much hair you have on your face.

Having the entire face and neck area treated is a lot more expensive though, with costs ranging from 600 to 900 dollars. Aside from the face, the underarms are also a relatively cheap area to have treated. The lowest cost recorded for such a procedure is 250 dollars, though clinics are known to charge as high as 350 for removing hair in the underarm area.

For men, having their chest hair removed can cost around 350 to 600 dollars, depending on the amount of hair on the chest. As for the limbs, treating the arms can cost around 350 to 500 dollars, while the whole leg area costs around 600 to 850 dollars.

If you want to have your bikini area done, you need to pay an average of 350 to 500 dollars. The back area, because of its sheer size, is priced at 600 dollars, though people with particularly hairy backs might have to dish out 900 dollars for the procedure. Although the prices may seem a bit too high for a lot of people, in the long run it can be much cheaper compared to constant waxing and applying a depilatory hair removal cream.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Brazilian laser hair removal has been one of the most popular treatments out in the market. Especially when it is summer time, when everyone goes out in bikinis, you would definitely think of undergoing laser hair removal.

You don’t want to go out in your favorite swimwear and embarrass yourself with hairs showing at the wrong places. To give you an idea, when you undergo a Brazilian laser hair removal session, it would take less than an hour each session. Most laser hair procedures require you to have at least 3 to 4 sessions to get results that you desire.

It takes a lot of courage to finally decide to have Brazilian laser hair removal. For doctors, it is also a risk since the part to be treated is more sensitive than just having your feet treated. The most important step in the process is finding a doctor who is licensed and board certified.

You need someone with experience and one who has had a lot of customers. It also helps to ask around those who have tried the treatment and what they think of it. You can also scout for laser hair removal clinics within your area. When you are confident about the doctor you have chosen, and when you are ready, then its time to have the treatment.

Remember that while everyone thinks having Brazilian laser hair removal is cool and pretty, not everyone is required to undergo the treatment.  It is not a must but is just for vanity. You may choose to have it done or not. The choice is yours.



Must Read: God was kind to Michael Jackson-The unread tribute

In the 1988 documentary film, Michael Jackson- The Legend Continues, the narrator, Actor James Earl Jones, aptly describes the fascination and mystique about Michael Jackson’s collective body of performances as a “Presentation of Showtime”

The only argument that can be leveled against this description of Michael Jackson is that his whole life was a presentation of Showtime, and not just the magic he unleashed on stage or through his signature vocals that brought to life his music that continues to transcend generations of millions of fans around the world.

It’s hard to truly appreciate both the magnetism and the reality of such a statement until you personally experience the magic of an individual who has most definitely earned the right to be considered the greatest entertainer on earth. Not many people had the privilege of witnessing in person, the phenomenon that is “Whacko Jacko”, and for those who did, they will continue to bear witness to a magnificent talent and a consummate professional who despite being deeply troubled, arguably gave up any semblance of a normal life to provide the world with the gift of music that is destined to be immortal in its truest sense.

What can you say about such a person?

The first thing that comes to mind for me is the sadness this brings and the profound irony that in death, Michael Jackson is literally uniting the world as hundreds of millions of fans and non-fans alike from all corners of the world, mourn the passing of the greatest superstar we will ever know, yet Michael died a very sad, lonely and broken man.

A lot has been written out there about every aspect of the saga of Michael’s life and death, and as a shameless fan of the man and his music, I would be lying if I said I haven’t been affected by his demise. Perhaps there’s nothing as therapeutic as expressing in my own words, my experiences and how the man, his life and his music influenced me. Call it my own little Stone Cold tribute to the enigma that is Whacko Jacko!


I went back to 1988 because that was the year my dad surprised us and came back from a business trip abroad with the first VCR the family owned. Before then, I had to be content with wishing that a day would come when I could credibly hold conversations with other kids in the school playground and talk from an informed position of having a VCR at home.

I think my folks were cruel in that by striving for the best for their children, they took us to school right across the rail tracks, to a school where class and social identity was more important in reality, than the performance in the classroom…or at least that’s what it seemed to be.

It was hard to cope in such an environment where kids were talking about stuff I couldn’t even pronounce and constantly bragging about the videos they saw over the weekend, so you can picture the excitement in my household when the VCR landed, particularly since no one expected it.

More importantly, dad had taken his time to pick a sample of some low budget tired movies that escape my mind, as well as a variety of music video collections from well known artists of the day such as Elton John, Phil Collins, Madonna, Julio Iglesias, and to illustrate his tired taste, he didn’t forget his favourites like Jim Reeves and Dolly Parton among others.

While scrambling through our first collection of video tapes with that cheeky contempt that a teenager would have for his parent’s tired and old fashioned taste in anything – there it was – sitting pretty at the bottom of the pile. A double video pack of Michael Jackson – The Legend Continues, and the collection of Videos from his sister – Janet Jackson’s hit album, Control.

Naturally, I homed in on the Janet album…Who wouldn’t. She was hot and I challenge any male teenager or grown man for that matter to deny they wouldn’t get a boner just from watching the videos in that collection, especially the Pleasure Principle, but I digress…. The Legend Continues video did it for me. Dad knew we loved Michael Jackson, and give him credit for not disappointing.

If there was ever any crime for over-playing a single video, I think I can comfortably lay claim to hold some sort of record of over playing the Jacko documentary. I could probably narrate it word for word.

The only comparison I had with the collection of material on that video at that time was the Thriller movie – though some would insist on calling it a music video. I think I had only seen the entire Thriller video a couple of times at a friend’s place or something, but I was more than content that we had samples of both the making of Thriller and clips from the video itself. That did the trick for me, though I decided I was going to collect anything Michael Jackson that I could get my hands on.

Even from watching the documentary, it was very safe to rationalize that my obsession with the man was not a sad monopoly.

I can remember thinking I would never get to the stage of some of the footage on that video of fans crying their guts out because Michael had touched them, or because they simply saw him and he waved, or in some cases, grown people clearly fainting and passing out simply by seeing him.

Pictures I’m told, are worth a thousand words and there was no denying the sheer impact this enigma of a human being was having on fans around the world. No normal person had the power to influence and move people the way Jacko did, but you can probably understand why this is so, considering for example that in the immediate period after his death:

  1. AT&T suggest that only in the USA , 65,000 sms messages were being sent per second.
  2. 22% of Twitter messages were about Michael Jackson.
  3. Google had to block any searches of Michael Jackson to stop their servers from thinking they were under an attack.
  4. The speed of the internet literally slowed down as millions of users around the world desperately tried to look for information


July 31st 1992 was the day that made me realize Jacko was larger than life, and whatever I’d seen of him on video was no illusion.

Through a radio competition a week earlier (being anal about the man does have its advantages you know), I was lucky to receive complementary tickets Pepsi were throwing around to promote Jacko’s Dangerous World Tour. The only major concert I’d been to in my life was in 1987 when Jermaine Jackson and the legendary Franco and his TPOK Jazz band performed at the grand opening concert of Kasarani Sports Complex in Nairobi leading up to the All Africa Games that year.

I wouldn’t have otherwise bothered if it wasn’t the fact that Jacko was on stage, and a cynical part of me wanted to go and find out for myself what all this fuss was about.

My only interaction with Wembley was what I knew from watching the FA Cup football matches being screened on the Road to Wembley shows on TV back home.

The folks at the radio station had said that I had won a gem of tickets and I will thoroughly enjoy myself – but again, my arrogant self thought that they probably said this to every Tom, Dick and Harry who won concert tickets for any gig.

I don’t know what I expected when I got off the train at Wembley Park, but by the time I got to Wembley Way, it was already clear that the party for the London leg of the Dangerous World Tour had started. Folks didn’t seem to mind being fleeced by hawkers lined up through the Way to the arena with anything Michael Jackson from T-shirts, gloves, jackets, and other Michael Jackson costumes, to clearly fake memorabilia…LOL!

Everyone was just excited and swinging into the party mode. After I got comfortable with a few folks I met on the way, we all vowed to hang out together as we were in the same ticket section.

Dangerous World Tour

By the time Carmina Burana, the classical hit by Carl Orff was pumping as an intro through the massive speakers around the arena, there was absolutely no doubt that this was no average show. This wasn’t a tired “concert” that we’ve come to get used to say from wanna be African artists who jump on stage miming backing tracks in a tired and dingy joint in East London. There was method in the madness we were about to witness.

Beforehand, we had been looking at some pamphlets being distributed about the Dangerous World Tour, and I guess publishing the tour facts and statistics was a deliberate strategy to “shock and awe” our asses into the mood. It was hard to understand how Jacko’s stage would require 2 747 jumbo jets to fly it around the world, until you got to see that stage and the sets on it. This was no ordinary concert and the choice of Carmina Burana as a shall we say – blood pressure raising and adrenaline pumping intro did the trick.

No one expected what was to follow in a stunt that we later came to know is called “The Toaster”. Short of looking for the panther that was roaring on stage with a powerful microphone (LOL), everyone was duped to assume that Black or White was to be the first song, as it’s the only song folks knew that Jacko used a panther in the video. The shock and awe was completed with Jacko being dramatically catapulted onto the stage from a trap door amidst a blast of pyrotechnics.

“What the Fuck!” was the only thing I vaguely remember thinking, and right through the first performance (I think it was Jam), I was still in shock and awe. I doubt if I recovered from it as I was dancing my ass off and screaming out “Anasema anataka sambusa” with some 60 something year old white haired guy to my right by the time Jacko was performing Wanna be starting something.

Two things stuck out for me as the concert went into full flow.

First, it was the sound quality of the gig. It was almost like the sound was beating to your heart and you could feel the base pumping as you go. It was loud, but it was not intrusive or annoying. The sound was well balanced and regardless of how powerful the sound system was, it was clear that it was a well coordinated part of the showpiece. I guess the best way to describe this is by saying that you were feeling the music.

The second thing that was crystal clear and in Technicolor is that the young man on stage was the greatest dancer and entertainer you were ever likely to see on this planet. WOW! When they say Jacko’s dancing seems to defy the laws of physics, that was not an illusion or overstatement. Jacko could dance and this was nothing like you saw on the Smooth Criminal or Remember the Time music videos. Seeing it live was out of this planet.

I had my answer all around me to the question “How is it possible that people could lose the plot because of this human being”.

It’s a reflex and involuntary action. You don’t know you’re doing it coz the atmosphere and electricity around you sucks you in. You find yourself hugging the next person and locking into a dance move and you find yourself screaming the lyrics of the song.

You see people around you screaming and crying like babies who’ve just had their favourite toy snatched from them, while other overwhelmed folks who have fainted are passed over your head like a sack of potatoes to the nearest first aid point on the sidelines.

There were other magical moments that linger in the mind especially the quality and meticulous detail that went into creating sets for individual songs and the seamless change in between. The fact that it was happening live in front of the crowd made it more of the spectacle it deserved to be.

I think it was after he performed human nature with the crowd waving (a significant amount of them holding lighters flickering above their heads) when the lights on stage blacked out for a few seconds – and when they came back on – two chaps with huge brooms swept across the stage from one side to the other and then the lights blacked out again for a few seconds. When they came back on, Jacko and his 4 dancers were all dressed in their Smooth Criminal regalia – him the light suit with a blue arm band and the rest in similar Mafioso style suits.

Despite the unbelievable dancing being unleashed on stage – all you could do is open your mouth wide in wonderment with that “how the fuck did they do that so quickly” look on your face. It was unbelievable. As they seem to say in recent years (shows my age…LOL!), it was off the hinges.

I remember thinking Gitonga is totally useless…LOL! Side bar here if I may…Gitosh was a legendary cheer leader in high school and his signature tune that he cheered the rugby crowds with was none other than Smooth Criminal. Gitosh though , with the help of the crowd, sang the entire tune in Kikuyu…You had to love the act, there was no other option. Gitosh even pulled the famous slap on the thigh, a lift of the thigh with a swift jig of the hips in imitation of one of Michael Jackson’s signature moves as the crowd roared “You’ve been hit by, Umegongwa – na Muici Munyoroku!” (You’ve been hit by, you’ve been struck by, a smooth criminal)

But standing and watching the man himself perform the song, Gitosh had no toe to stand on. Jacko was the genius and trying to compare what was happening on stage with Gitosh’s comedy was absolutely no justice to Jacko.

After performing Smooth Criminal, Jacko threw his Stetson into the crowd like a Frisbee after toying with the crowd about which direction he’ll throw it. The person who caught it was mobbed though I think they were prepared to die for it…! and you literally lost count of the number of panties and other items of clothing being thrown on stage.

What was funny is either when he moved to one side of the stage or during a change of set or intermission, someone collected the panties and stuff off stage like they were being paid to do it and it was normal…this was something they were used to and their only concern was probably that Michael might trip on them when dancing so they had to be removed.

The concert did not even attempt to disappoint at the end as during his performance of the last track Man in the Mirror, the stage behind him and to his side was being set up for what seemed to be a rocket launch. It was like a scene out of NASA and what was surreal is that he was performing Man in the Mirror oblivious of what was happening around him with the folks giving an impression that something galactic was about to happen.

People were walking around on stage with headsets and clipboards, giving others different directions etc., before finally Michael was asked to put on what seemed to be a space suit. In the midst of the chaos on stage, what seemed to be a rocket belt was then put on him and a launch sequence was started – counting down to zero. This concert had dramatically changed to a live movie without anyone even noticing.

As the launch sequence hit zero, the rocket belt lit up and the man in the space suit took off and literally flew outside the stadium as pyrotechnics mesmerized the crowd before a commanding voice over the sound system declared “ladies and Gentlemen – Mr. Michael Jackson has left the stadium”.

The only disappointment was that we were later to discover that the person who flew out in a space suit was stunt man Kinnie Gibson and not Michael Jackson, but then again, in between wondering at what point did Jacko switch with the stunt man, how do you not get mesmerized and totally blown in shock and awe of a once in a lifetime show like that.

That was no concert…that was a damn movie…LOL! I concluded on that day that there will never be a show that magically captivates and drives people crazy like that one did. It was one of them moments in life that you think back and say – WOW, I was there!

So what is it about this enigma of a human being who through life and in death continues to captivate people all around the world?

I think it was Quincy Jones who when asked to comment about Michael Jackson’s death said something like (and I paraphrase) “Michael doesn’t come along once in a while or once in a generation. He isn’t one in a million. He is just one. There will never be another Michael Jackson.”

You can’t argue with that, and perhaps one of the consequences of Jacko being just “the one” is that his whole life was a media spectacle. Since the age of 5, he has known nothing else but to live his life in the spotlight. And it’s also no surprise that with his talent and ability to mesmerize he is a global phenomenon in life and death.

Michael Jackson wasn’t just an influence in the lives of those who had the ability to watch his videos or follow his soap opera of a life in the western media. If you traveled to any village in any corner of this planet – whether it was the indigenous communities of the Amazon, or the remote villages say in Jirapa in northern Ghana, or the far reaches of Chittagong in Bangladesh, or the bundux of Gulu district in Uganda – the only globally recognized brand that could rival the global reach of Michael Jackson is Coca-Cola.

Having a soap opera of a life inevitably has its consequences and like many other public figures of fascination like Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Princess Grace of Monaco and Diana Princess of Wales, Michael did not disappoint in his exit off stage by going out in a blaze of controversy – almost as if it was part of the plot of his soap opera.

The mystery of his life and how he lived it was therefore a constant fascination to the global media who were always looking for a story to sell, and as drama goes, the more controversial, the better the copy will sell. There was never any doubt that Michael knew how to work the system to his advantage – it was his job as a show man, and he revelled in it.

He was savvy enough to manipulate the media to suit the project of marketing himself, but he was also a true living testament that if you live by the sword, it is very possible that you will die by it.

His latter years in life were shrouded by different scandals, and I think that when reflecting on his whole life and what purpose Jacko served on this planet, it is very unfair to equate his life to the scandals of child abuse allegations that dogged him in recent years. My take on this is that Jacko stood in front of a jury of his peers and answered to these allegations, and his peers acquitted him of all charges – and as much as the continuation of the scandal provides a constant talking point, the man was acquitted and he remains innocent.

The two aspects to his life couldn’t be more contrasting. On the one hand, the only place he was ever comfortable was on stage. He owned the stage and once he was in performance mode, there was never any doubt that you were looking at a genius and a dedicated professional who will stop at nothing to entertain the world because that was the only thing he knew.

The cost of being the enigma he was on stage was that he never grew up, and refused to give himself a chance to grow up – but then again, who are we to judge and lay blame. This was someone who had their childhood totally yanked from them and while other kids played in the park, he was sweating his guts out in rehearsals and on stage, and as a grown man, he never seemed to want to give up on rebuilding that childhood that was stolen from him.

It was that innocence and naivety that eventually signaled the beginning of the end for him with one of the fatal blows being the day that he met a one Martin Bashir. A long time friend of Michael Jackson, the illusionist Uri Geller confesses that his biggest regret was introducing Bashir to Jacko – after Bashir begged and pleaded for that introduction to a sad point of even presenting a crumpled note, apparently hand written by Diana Princess of Wales vouching for Bashir as “good guys”.

It’s my belief that the domino effect of that subsequent Martin Bashir documentary – Living with Michael Jackson – is what landed Jacko on the slab in the autopsy room of the Los Angeles coroner’s office.

Michael had always had a troubled existence behind closed doors – whether it was his dependency on pain killers – or his awkward and non-conventional life choices – but the last 6 years had been an unbearable burden on the man that was to eventually break him down.

“This is it” the series of London concerts at the O2 arena seemed an apt way for the King of Pop to rise from the stooper that dogged his recent life. I must admit, when I heard he was to do 50 shows, the first thought was that it was a ludicrous idea. 15-20 years ago, he used to do 50 or so shows but over a period of 2 years…and frankly speaking, it’s not that he was a spring chicken any more. The dude was 50.

There was also the risk that with his crocked body, maintaining the level and quality of performances that he had previously done was an extremely tall order at 50, and coupled with his recent personal drama and lifestyle, this was going to be a step too far even for the King.

They say God works in mysterious ways and maybe with his sense of humour, God found a way of not only relieving Michael Jackson off his very sad, lonely and broken existence – but he also found a way to preserve his legacy and music in a way that guarantees Jacko will never be forgotten.

God was kind to Whacko Jacko. The man needed to rest and God obliged. Jacko had already given us all his life, and maybe it was time for him to have it back in peace.