Making an informed choice concerning back pack vacuums

There are many factors you need to keep in mind in case you are looking to own a backpack vacuum.  There are many of them in the market today and getting the right asset for you might be a hard task to accomplish. For consumers of these products, the major factors to consider are cost, attachments, power, and a couple of other unclassified aspects.

Here is a discussion on some of the major aspects you would need to consider before you settle on a backpack vacuum.

backpack vacuum

Cost of backpack vacuum

For many consumers and not just those of vacuums, price is a major factor. Some people however on the sideline may choose to overlook that and just go for quality.

Suction and power of backpack vacuum

It is important that you get a vacuum cleaner with the best suction power. There are many backpack vacuums which you can use for commercial and home vacuuming.  With increased power, you will enjoy much efficient cleaning and thus less work and fatigue.  For instance the Pullman Holt Backpack vacuum comes with tools and has a 1200 watt power rating and a 10 amperes motor.  The Nilfisk  Vac Vacuum  that is most expensive as shown above operates  1100 watts and 9 amperes.  Price does not necessarily determine the power of the vacuum cleaner in this case.


You would most often need to have some attachments on the side for a better clean.  Without the presence of attachments, it might prove quite hard to clean places like vents, light fixtures, furniture and many more.  When you are looking for a backpack, it is important that you investigate if at all the attachments come as part of the package or need to be purchased separately.  A vacuum may cost more if at all it consists of attachments and cost less without the attachments.

HEPA filtration

There many concerning the use of vacuums and allergens as well.  Many people therefore look for the kind of vacuum cleaner that would not just pull up dust from the floor and distribute in the room.  Pollen, pet dander and dust particles can have some serious effects to people who are allergic to them and asthmatics as well.  There are many vacuums with inbuilt HEPA filtration ability in the market today.

Ease of use

There are vacuums that are bulky and heavier than others. If at all you do cleaning chores in libraries, hospitals or schools, you definitely need a backpack vacuums that is lightweight and also much ergonomic to use.  There are many vacuums in the market that weigh as low as 10 lbs and also come with back harness and ergonomic handles. These are ideally intended to ease mobility.  It is also important to seek for the best size when considering the aspects of ease of use.  The more compact the cleaner is, then the more comfortable it gets to clean hard to reach places.

Durability and warranty

The aspect of durability is often overlooked by many people.  The best way that you can actually determine the durability of your vacuum cleaner is by using its warranty.  Ideally, how long is the warranty for labor and parts as well?  Some of the manufacturers go ahead to offer lifetime warranty just to assure you that they are offering you the best quality. Best vacuums come with better warranty.


Capacity is a factor that you cannot dare to overlook.  Whether you are doing commercial vacuuming or just doing cleaning at your home, it is important to understand the horse power of vacuum cleaner.  A high capacity vacuum means that you get the job done faster and in short span of time.  You may choose to go for a small capacity vacuums if at all you need to handle touch-ups.

The backpack vacuum market is flooded a lot today. it is therefore important that you consider a number of aspects before you decide on a vacuum cleaner.(you might also want to look at  vacuum for shag carpet).  It is important that you understand the performance levels of different vacuum cleaners. It does not matter whether your baseline is capacity, power or cost, you will surely get the right solution for your case.  It is important to seek to know more.